Medical Coding

Accuracy & Compliance for an Efficient Revenue Cycle

We provide complete revenue cycle management for hospitals, medical and dental clinics, practices, and more.

Medical coding is critical to the revenue cycle of any healthcare organization. To sustain healthy income and compliance, your code must be accurate, efficient, and secure. W3medcare’s medical coding solutions are specifically designed for Hospitals, physician offices, Independent Practice Associations, and a variety of other healthcare providers across the globe.

With expertise in sophisticated Inpatient, Outpatient, and Professional Fee (Ambulatory) coding, our coding solutions appeal to a variety of healthcare settings and specialties. Our coders are AHIMA and/or AAPC certified and have extensive training and experience. We work hard to maintain compliance and promise 95 percent or higher accuracy, so you can rest assured that your facility is getting the greatest coding partnership experience possible.

    Explore Our Medical Coding Services

    Our unique EMR systems collaborate with healthcare practitioners to deliver precise documentation, intelligent data collecting,
    data structuring, and simple medical scheduling.

    Professional Fee Coding

    Captures the intricacy and intensity of the provider’s work in providing care.

    DRG Validation

    Verifies that the clinical documentation and the coded claim are the same in terms of coding rules.

    Coding Audits

    Verifies code assignments against clinical documentation using coding recommendations.

    Facility Coding

     Documents the quantity and intensity of resources used by medical facilities to provide care.

    Coding Denial Management

    Assesses the coding and documentation of refused claims and executes coding adjustments in preparation for resubmission.

    Risk Adjustment Coding

    Determines patient risk scores based on demographics and diagnoses.

    Why Choose Us?

    We are a leading provider of technology-driven solutions that transform the patient experience and financial performance of healthcare providers.

    Customer Experience

    We always believe in putting our customers at the forefront to ensure complete customer satisfaction at every stage.

    Competitive Pricing

    We offer top Medical Billing software at competitive prices that perfectly meet your unique healthcare requirements.

    Skilled Team

    We have a highly skilled team of software experts and professionals with excellent technical knowledge and experience in using the latest healthcare software standards in the medical industry.

    Performance Tracking

    Our dedicated RCM solutions provide unparalleled monitoring and tracking of your healthcare statistics, including patients’ and doctors’ records and insights. 

    Looking to Outsource Your Medical Coding?

    Our specialized professional fee coding services and facility coding services, led by subject matter experts, will ensure that you get the most out of your medical coding process.