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We are a medical billing company that provides 24-hour medical billing services and provides end-to-end medical billing solutions to physicians, hospitals, medical institutions, and group practices. Backed by the latest technologies and purpose-driven approach, we leverage customized Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions that allow hospitals and clinics to attract revenue and reduce administrative burden or losses.

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Who Are We

Medical Coding & Billing

Our billing and coding professionals have extensive knowledge of Medicare, HIPAA, and Medicaid rules, as well as hands-on experience with them.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our Revenue Cycle Solutions provides hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care centres, and physicians of all specialties with comprehensive medical billing and coding services.

Our industry-leading technology platform, Elevate^, gives you real-time data visibility and actionable insights to support your risk and quality initiatives.

W3medcare is a one-stop-shop for all primary health care services, including eligibility checks, coding, billing, AR follow-up, collections, denial management, collections, to name a few. We provide cost-effective and dependable services that are in line with current healthcare trends.

Our Services


W3medcare can help you manage your revenue cycle in a speciality-specific way. Our all-inclusive medical billing and coding services are designed to help you raise your collections while also improving the efficiency of your operation. Our teams of seasoned Billers, Certified Professional Coders (CPC), and Certified Coding Specialists (CCS) are experts in a variety of disciplines and work tirelessly to improve the provider’s revenue cycle performance.

Our workflow and reporting systems are built to empower suppliers and physicians by providing them control over their billing and allowing them to see how much money their practice makes. We develop a relationship with the complete in-house team, not just the supplier so that the practice functions as a whole rather than as individual parts.

Our system structure also makes it simple for health care professionals to obtain information regarding macro settings like community health trends. Furthermore, health information systems include information about specific clinicians or healthcare organizations, such as regularly utilized therapies or interventions associated with the greatest outcomes.
With the introduction of new healthcare services and programs, it’s incredibly important to assist your constituents to understand and determine their eligibility for appropriate programs. At W3medcare, our solutions can help you streamline enrollment, provide seamless access to benefits, and proactively reach out to your constituents.
Insurance Eligibility and Benefits verification is first and one of the most important steps of Medical Billing.  However, it can be time consuming and distractive for your front office staff. W3medcare offers efficient and cost effective services and simplifies this  process for you.
Our expert team provides clients with a standard benefit plan setup & interpretation, with standard event classes & benefit rules. We handle benefit calculations, calculating OOP from plan cost & tracking benefit costs. We handle DOFR configuration based on various health plan and IPAs as per the client requirements   We experts in  Medicare fee schedule configuration,  interprets the provider contracts . Providing solutions in various payment structure
If you want to take the guesswork out of medical billing, saving your practice or hospital valuable time and money, then turn to W3medcare. We collaborate with a group of capable dental claims adjudication professionals who are pioneers in the use of cutting-edge techniques and technology to provide top-notch claims adjudication services. We are the top dental adjudication service provider because of our experience and commitment to meeting the needs of both large and small offices.
Medical coding is the first step in the medical billing process. At W3medcare, all coders are AAPC & AHIMA certified and work under the guidance and supervision of a team of experts. Our team is composed of veterans who have been working with us for more than 10 years and have the capacity to handle every scenario.

Our coders follow the ICD-10 guidelines accurately incorporating recent changes, updates and recommendations.

Medical coding is critical to the revenue cycle of any healthcare organization. To sustain healthy income and compliance, your code must be accurate, efficient, and secure. W3medcare’s medical coding solutions are specifically designed for Hospitals, physician offices, Independent Practice Associations, and a variety of other healthcare providers across the globe.
Accounts Receivable Management is one of the most critical process of the Revenue Cycle of a healthcare practice. However, it is very often the most neglected area, especially in an in- house billing set up.  This is because of the tedious process involved – calling different insurances, long hold time, getting the claim status, understanding the issue, and taking the required action.
Accounts Receivable Management is one of the most critical process of the Revenue Cycle of a healthcare practice. However, it is very often the most neglected area, especially in an in- house billing set up.  This is because of the tedious process involved – calling different insurances, long hold time, getting the claim status, understanding the issue, and taking the required action.
Our specialist review each case to  determine if pre-certification is  required by the patient’s Insurance  company for the planned service.

Apply for Authorization / Pre-  Certification for required  Procedures, to the Payers

Update the Authorization no.  received in the Practice  Management Software

Maintain a record of the  Authorizations received.

Give reasons where authorization  not received

W3medcare offers accurate and  efficient Payment Posting services  as part of its RCM services or stand  alone. In either scenario, we  analyze each EOB thoroughly and

Post payments

Post Adjustments

Post Denials under appropriate  codes

Take corrective action against  denials

Bill secondary Claims

Transfer responsibility to Secondary

Our team and  advanced technology  can handle one-time or  on-going payer  credentialing needs.
We provide AAMT-compliant transcription and information management services to hospitals, integrated healthcare facility networks, medical clinics, and physicians, with 100% client satisfaction, high accuracy, and quick turnaround. To provide end-to-end transcription solutions, we use cutting-edge infrastructure, a dictation platform, highly qualified and experienced transcriptionists, and cutting-edge software technologies.

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